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Who Needs an RV Inspection?

The simple answer is – anyone who is considering buying a new or used RV or selling one they own. If you were buying, a pre-purchase inspection performed by an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector provides you with an unbiased view of the condition of the equipment at the time of inspection. If you are the seller, it provides you with a qualified unbiased view to justify the price you are asking for the unit. There are many other answers to this question such as…lenders, insurers, extended services agreement companies and more.

What is an RV Inspection?

A certified inspection is one that is, first of all, accomplished by an unbiased individual who has no financial interest in the outcome of the inspection.

Secondly, it is a detailed investigation of the current condition of the RV by an Inspector who has been trained in the science of RV investigation to provide a report of the current condition of the RV.

The report should consist of numerous sections to include all of the life safety elements within an RV. Photos should also be included to support the report providing confirmation of the findings.

Why are RV inspections needed NOW more than ever?

The RV industry is experiencing a tremendous growth period and is expected to continue over the coming years. The 22,000 Baby Boomers who are retiring each day are fueling this phenomenal rate of industry growth. With 65% of the pre-owned RVs being sold privately, the thousands of sales taking place without dealer involvement is staggering.

No one is inspecting these RVs and the buyers are blindly purchasing without an understanding of the condition of the RV they are plopping down their hard earned money for…in many cases thousands and thousands of dollars.

There is great opportunity for the RV inspector who can provide purchasing peace-of-mind and keep future RV owners from buying a money pit. Thousands of Inspectors are needed across the country for this growing industry.

What is the NRVIA?

NRVIA – The National RV Inspectors Association is an association that is partnered with the National RV Training Academy with a combined mission to provide education, testing, and certification resources for the RV inspection industry.

The association is based in Athens, Texas in a shared training facility with the National RV Training Academy, and has had a national membership presence since its inception on January 1, 2014.

The Certified RV Inspector Training offered by the NRVTA is a three week hands-on training for the newbie or for the more experienced RVer or certified RV technician who has the desire to also become a certified inspector. After the first week of RV Fundamentals, students will be able to hone their skills through an intense two weeks of advanced inspector training to offer full in-depth and higher price point inspections.

The most common requested inspection is a pre-purchase inspection for an RV buyer who is looking for a ‘home inspection’ on the RV they wish to purchase. NRVTA strives to provide all graduates with the knowledge and ability to perform pre-purchase RV Inspections.  Clients can verify training and certifications using the NRVIA Inspector Locator before booking an inspection.

Newly Certified NRVIA RV Inspector

What does NRVIA Membership provide?

NRVIA Membership Provides:

  • Continued training and education exclusive to members only
  • The only certification in the RV inspection industry
  • Sample agreements, report sheets and other documents to use in your business
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Continuing Education opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • National marketing promoting the RV inspection industry
  • Public Inspector directory for clients to find You

NRVIA works directly with the National RV Training Academy to support the training requirements to get certified.

What does the RV Inspector training cover?

The 3-week, hands-on training course is for anyone who has a desire to become an RV Inspector. The courses take place at the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas. You can find out more about the RV Inspector course details, pricing, and dates at There are no online training options at this time.

Each week of the RV Inspector training is a separate class. The first week will be the RV Fundamentals course that teaches you all about RV maintenance and repair. The second week covers the principles of an RV inspection. And, the third week will give you the advanced inspector training you will need to be an actual NRVIA Certified Inspector.

Week 1 – RV Fundamentals – INSP 101

  • The student will gain skills to assess and troubleshoot the key RV systems including: DC electrical systems, AC electrical systems, propane systems, plumbing systems, RV refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, and furnace.

The National RV Training Academy’s RV Fundamentals course will provide you with personal knowledge of the systems of RVs that will allow you to take better care of your own RV. Plus you’ll be able to make more educated decisions when purchasing your next RV.

Tuition for the course is a one-time payment of $1,644. Tuition must be paid in full before the first day of class.

Graduates of this course have shared that they are able to provide fellow RVers with assistance on many of the issues they have with their RVs. This can be an income opportunity!

Graduates will take the Technical Skills & Knowledge Exam at the end of the course and also have the option to stay for the prep/examand become a Registered Technician with the RV Technician Assocation of America (RVTAA). Prep and Exam Weekend.

Week 2 – Principles of an RV Inspection – INSP 201

  • The student will obtain the skills of assessment and diagnostic analysis of RV systems to deliver a thorough inspection report. With a large focus on hands-on inspection training, the student will experience how to accomplish a top-quality report for your future clients by completing two full RV Inspections.

Week 3 – Advanced Inspector Training – INSP 301

  • The student will advance their inspection skills via a through application of industry specific software and hardware. In addition, the course advances existing inspection skills, methods, and techniques to perform more efficient federal contractor inspections such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Department of Homeland Security.

Week 2 and 3 are the courses that teach you how to do the actual RV inspection. You will also learn the basic mechanics of developing your RV inspection business, including risk management, general inspection business procedures, and so much more.

You will review the technical knowledge needed to produce a quality inspection using the state-of-the-art proprietary software. This software will be your template that will walk you through the inspection process. You will have the option to utilize this software with a discounted subscription in your own business once you have been certified.

These courses will be very hands-on. You’ll work with a Certified Trainer who will guide you through the use of the software and how it should be utilized to accomplish a quality inspection.

You will perform two independent full pre-purchase inspections – one motorized RV and one towable RV inspection. These inspections will be evaluated by your Trainer to determine your completion of the training.

The tuition for INSP 201 and INSP 301 are $1,500 each, so $3,000 total. In addition to INSP 101 RV Fundamentals, the total training cost for all three weeks is $4,644. The total tuition for each week must be paid before class begins.

On Saturday immediately following the third week of training, INSP 301, you’ll be eligible to sit for a review of your training courses and then sit for the NRVIA Certification Exam for an additional fee. The exam itself is $299 and is billed separately and by NRVIA as it is administered by NRVIA staff. This fee also covers your first year membership into NRVIA.

Take action today to start your new RV Inspection career!

Register for your three week hands-on training at the National RV Training Academy! Students who complete this course will be prepared for RV Inspections and will learn how to begin a mobile business specializing in inspections and service work.

INSP 201 and 301 Inspector courses will be offered the weeks immediately following your INSP 101 course and must be taken together. Most students plan to stay for all three weeks and make one trip to Athens, Texas.

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