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Please use the search box below to find an RV Inspector in your area. You can search using the city and state of the location of the RV to be inspected; for example: 'Dallas, Texas'. *Please Note: A misspelled city name will cause no results to show.

After submitting your search below, the results will indicate if an Inspector is Level 1 Certified or Level 2 Certified. Please read the bio section on each inspector’s profile to learn more about their background and additional certifications.

  • Level 1 = completed basic training course. Level 1 inspectors are qualified to perform basic inspections, bank/insurance required inspections and inspections requested by warranty companies.
  • Level 2 = completed basic and advanced training course. Level 2 inspectors are qualified to perform all Level 1 types and more thorough pre-purchases inspections (similar to a home inspection).


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If you are unable to find anyone near you, please email shenson@nrvia.org to have your contact information and details sent out to our traveling inspectors. Please provide your name, email, phone, unit details (year make model) along with the city and state of where the unit is located. Requests are sent out every other day. Thank you.