Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement – The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc agrees to provide professional RV Inspector services and certification credentials as defined by the the specific membership level chosen by client. By engaging in this contract, Client agrees to the contract terms of 12 Months continuous services beginning at execution of this agreement. At the conclusion of the 12 Month term, this agreement will automatically renew for an additional term of 12 Months unless Client notifies otherwise per the normal course of membership cancellation outlined elsewhere on this agreement. The yearly billing will begin upon purchase of membership and will continue until client cancels agreement.

Services/Rates – The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc offers a variety of services RV Inspection technical education and training, small business development assistance, risk management education, certification, inspector locator services, networking opportunities and more. The exact services offered to Client are dependent on the level of membership elected and the Client’s active participation in the NRVIA.

All services will be billed in advance based on the membership level elected. Yearly Membership rates billed are noted on the membership level elected on this website. Engagement in this contract is agreement that services provided are authorized to be billed as described.

Cancellation – The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc offers a compelling list of benefits, but should Client wish to discontinue services for any reason, we offer a generous cancellation policy. Client may terminate this agreement at any time within the 12-Month term by providing a written notice via email to: [email protected]

Client agrees membership fees, applicable as noted by the membership level elected, are non-refundable beyond a 7-day grace period, for any reason. Client acknowledges that due to the 12-Month term of this agreement, no refunds will be given for any yearly membership fees incurred, even once cancellation is made, unless within the 7-Day grace period. Client agrees and acknowledges that cancellations received by The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc are terminations for future services and billings and will not be retroacted or prorated into refunds for previous billings incurred.

Additional Terms and Conditions – By engaging in this agreement, Client acknowledges that The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc and its staff does not function as Client’s RV inspection company, legal council, business or financial adviser. If Client has a tax or legal question, they will seek the advice of an accountant, attorney, or financial adviser. Client is responsible for Client’s actions and hereby releases The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc and any of its staff, employees, officers or affiliates from liability for any of Client’s actions or comments that may be influenced by the information contained in products and services received through this or any other products, services, or affiliations. From this day forward, Client assumes full responsibility for Client’s personal, physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Providing personal contact information through membership with The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc gives RV Inspection Connection, Inc permission to communicate with Client via fax, email, direct mail, or phone to relay special offers, announcements and/or information that Client may need and/or find valuable in Client’s business.

I accept under this agreement given to me that I have a duty to read and understand the terms and conditions as set forth above and have done so, including but not limited to the cancellation/refund policy and procedures. I attest to this duty by my purchasing of membership with The National RV Inspectors Association, Inc, that I accept and execute this document as set forth. Furthermore, I understand and accept that I am prevented from using lack of reading as a defense against all remedies so contained herein.