NRVIA Quality Standards for RV Inspection Reports

NRVIA’s Report Quality Standards promotes the Certified Recreational Vehicle Inspectors responsibility to provide an indepth and professional quality inspection report on the results of the inspection in a fair, professional and impartial manner while avoiding conflicts of interest that would impact the credibility of the inspection and professional standing of the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA).

The following Report Quality Standards shall serve as a minimum inspection format by which each client should expect from their RV Inspector.

Report Quality Standards #1

Inspection report sections are listed in a systematic manner. That is, the report does not jump around to the point it is unclear to the uneducated RV client what the inspector is identifying and discussing.

Report Quality Standards #2

The report has a cover page, a summary section, a general info page that
defines the parameters of the inspection criteria, and the body of the report, as a minimum. It also must be available as one complete report, not multiple submittals (i.e., interior and exterior as separate files).

Report Quality Standards #3

Comments are in complete grammatically correct sentences (no short
statements) that tell the client What it is, Where it is, and What’s wrong with it.

Report Quality Standards #4

Pictures are placed in the sections for which they are being discussed, not at the beginning of the report, not at the end, and not in an online shared folder link.

Report Quality Standards #5

Photos in the report are identified with a picture label as to what the client is looking at.

Report Quality Standards #6

Ratings of Acceptable, Fair, or Poor, are used, not Repair/Replace. Comment
and let the client decide on the repair/replace issue.

Report Quality Standards #7

Comments are made about items identified and stated as “It is recommended” not “We” or “I” recommend.

Report Quality Standards #8

The inspector does not use “should” or “needs”, in comments.

Report Quality Standards #9

The report has a rating system of severity like Life Safety Issues, Major Issues, Minor Issues, and Notice or Comments listed in the Summary Section.

Report Quality Standards #10

If the inspector states that an item is fair or poor the inspector must tell the client why, and depending on picture parameters of the level of inspection sold, include a photo as well.

Report Quality Standards #11

If using “Not Inspected”, state why it is not able to be inspected.

Report Quality Standards #12

The inspector does not use opinion phrases such as “it is in great condition” or “in good condition” in the comments. Keep to the facts.

Report Quality Standards #13

No comments that are technically exhaustive to the point the inspector is
“throwing up” on the client.

Report Quality Standards #14

No words like “caulk”, “hot water heater”, etc.

Report Quality Standards #15

Slideout, Curbside, Streetside, Cooktop are one word.