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If you are serious about developing a professional image, your membership as a Certified RV Inspector or as an Associate Member is key to your success.

RV Inspectors: As an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector Member, you will earn credentials that state that you have been tested and have met the requirements of the NRVIA certification program. As a Certified Inspector Member, you will have access to RV Inspection companies looking for certified RV inspectors, collaboration with a community of fellow inspectors, insider tips, business building guidance, industry events, training, and so much more.

RV Industry Leaders: As an Associate Member you have access to the RV Inspection Industry to provide products and services to the Certified RV Inspectors as well as other Associate Members. Gain exposure for your products and services directly to the market you need to be in front of.

  • Professional credentials that speak loudly that you have been trained, tested and will function at the highest level of professionalism.
  • Access to additional technical and business operation assistance.
  • Access to RV Inspector Basic Training, Inspector Business Development, & other video training series.
  • Opportunity to participate in annual association events for additional training and networking with other Inspectors.
  • Opportunity to create your own NRVIA approved RV Inspection business or become a contractor with an RV inspection company such as the RV Inspection Connection.
  • Opportunity to promote your products and services to other members of NRVIA.
  • Opportunity to utilize the NRVIA logo and credentials to promote your professionalism.


A large portion of the association income derived from membership dues will be used for national promotion campaigns to develop awareness of the need for RV inspections to the public.  That awareness will be targeted to anyone who is considering buying or selling an RV.  They will be far ahead with the knowledge the inspection provides them allowing for a smarter buying decision or sales proposition.

The sooner you take ACTION the faster you will begin building your NRVIA Certified RV Inspection business or RV Inspection support business as an Associate Member of the NRVIA.  RV Inspection companies like the RV Inspection Connection are requiring that all of their Inspectors be certified by the NRVIA so get certified today and start building your career!

The NRVIA is the only certifying organization in America that provides credentials for RV Inspectors.  Doesn’t it make good business logic that if you are serious about developing your RV Inspection business you should have the credentials to back up your position?

There are two (2) types of membership with NRVIA.

  1. Certified RV Inspector
  2. Associate Member as a provider of products and services

1. There are some very specific steps you must take to become a member of NRVIA as a Certified RV Inspector.

  • Step One:  Pay your yearly membership dues of $499 to gain access to the NRVIA Inspector members area of this website.
  • Step Two:  Take the Technical Knowledge & Skills test provided inside the NRVIA Inspector members area.  This is a 100 question exam that will test your RV technical knowledge.  You must receive a minimum score of 70% to pass the exam.
  • Step Three:  Take the NRVIA 50 question Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics Exam provided inside the NRVIA Inspector members area and obtain a minimum score of 70% to pass.
  • After passing the tests, your credentials will be produced and sent to you by mail.  Congratulations!  Once you reach this step, you will be an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector member!

2. As an Associate Member you will be permitted to provide approved products and services to support and promote the professionalism of the RV Inspection Industry. You will be permitted to utilize the NRVIA logo and connections to promote your business as an approved entity working with the RV Inspection Industry.

  • Step One – Agree to promote and support the NRVIA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that the Certified RV Inspectors must abide by.
  • Step Two – Agree to promote your business in a professional manner that promotes the mission of the NRVIA.
  • Step Three – Pay your annual Associate membership dues of $265 payable to NRVIA.
  • Step Four – Your credentials will be mailed and NRVIA approved ad artwork will be available.
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NRVIA membership provides you with credibility and certification in the world of RV Inspections
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