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Lissa Bengtson

Gneiss Goods, LLC

San Antonio, TX, United States

By 2022 my husband, John Davis, and I plan to be full-time RV’ers. We are eager to learn as much as possible about as many RVs as possible, so when I took the training to be an RV inspector, I was excited to find that inspecting is interesting as well as very helpful to an RV owner. John became a certified RV inspector as well, and I passed the test to be a Registered RV Technician! We are on our way!
Hire me as your inspector– I will be thorough and maintain all Covid-19 safety precautions by sanitizing the inside and any part of the interior that is touched during the inspection. My husband and I are both fully vaccinated. The inspection report will be extremely helpful to you as it shows the status of the RV at this point in time.. For my family’s RV, which is an older model, it helped us create a “to-do” list of needed upgrades/repairs in the order of most importance. On an RV that is newer or in good shape, an inspection can verify your peace of mind,
John and I are able to travel to do RV inspections–we love to drive across Texas! An out-of-town inspection which involves an overnight stay requires a travel fee. All fees are due before we hit the road.

Gneiss Goods, LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

In addition to RV inspections, I spend my time as a line and folk dance instructor and I call contra dances. When we are able to dance again after this Covid-19 is over, I may see you on the dance floor!


  • Certified RV Inspector
  • Registered Technician