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Jason Carletti

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Tampa, FL, United States

In April 2019 I became an RVIA Registered Technician so I could add to my certifications. I was awarded the NRVIA Member Of The Month in March of 2018 and in October of 2018 I received the Service Excellence Award given out at our yearly NRVIA Inspectors Conference. I am one of only 4 inspectors that was asked by the NRVIA to help with FEMA RV’s during relief efforts for Hurricanes Irma and Florence. In both cases I went to help the victims of these violet storms get into temporary housing.
I have worked as a Technician in various industries most of my life from low voltage electrical to commercial audio visual to installing residential cable and satellite TV. This has always come easily to me. Over the years I learned to troubleshoot most anything whether it was electrical or otherwise. After deciding to hit the road with my wife who is a traveling Certified Surgical Technologist, we realized that the full time RV life was a great fit for the both of us. I stumbled across the NRVIA quite accidentally. I took the course and became a Certified RV Inspector & RV Maintenance Technician so I would be able to work while we are out on the road. I am able to work as much as I want and most of all I enjoy helping others who make their way into living the RV lifestyle. Recently my wife decided to follow in my footsteps and take the courses. Now we get to work together, both as Level 2 Inspectors. Two sets of eyes are better than one is our thought process. We want to give you the most thorough inspection possible so you can make the best decision possible when purchasing a RV.
In 2017 I was given the opportunity to help those in need in the Florida Keys. Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction through southern Florida. FEMA brought in hundreds of brand new RV’s as temporary housing for those displaced. I was one of the few inspectors chosen to help inspect these RV’s for FEMA. We inspected these brand new RV’s and found many issues that were fixed before they were occupied. This allowed the displaced families to move into the RV’s without the headaches that normally come with buying an RV that isn’t inspected.
In 2018 my wife and I were dispatched to help with the victims of Hurricane Florence. During our time there Lisa was inspecting RV’s for FEMA while I was repairing all the problems that were found by the inspectors. There were so many issues with the brand new RV’s delivered for FEMA that this was a challenge.
In 2020 Lisa and Jason launch a new site to help promote the importance of inspections and locate different types of RV professionals. Check it out here


  • Level 2 Inspector
  • Lippert Components Training - July 2018
    RVDA/RVIA Registered RV Technician - expires May 2024