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Tammy Messner

Tammy Messner

ALL-PRO RV Inspection, LLC

Tacoma, WA, United States

Tammy is a US Army veteran, and worked at a Transit Agency for fifteen years, where her attention to detail served her well. She began as a Bus Operator, and quickly advanced to a Service Supervisor position. She worked extensively in the Communications Center and as a Field Supervisor where she provided mechanical assistance for vehicles that broke down while in service on the road. Tammy has extensive experience working on and repairing boats, RVs and other motor vehicles. Tammy retired from Transit in 2016 and now looks forward to assisting others in achieving their RV dreams.

Having gone through an expensive “learning experience” when purchasing an RV, Tammy and her husband realized there would be a benefit in having an RV inspection accomplished prior to any RV purchase – and since there is a lack of qualified inspectors available to provide this service, they both took formal NRVIA training courses and became fully qualified to provide quality RV inspections so their customers would be able to make a knowledgeable purchase decision.

Tammy and her husband Keith own a 2003 41-foot Holiday Rambler Imperial, and since taking the RVTechCourse (link:, they have performed all their own RV maintenance, including winterization. They RV extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest.


  • Level 2 Inspector
  • Aqua-Hot Comfort Zone Specialist - 10/23/2017
    Dometic Advanced Training Academy - 2/28/2018