Are you one of those people who gets satisfaction from helping other make better informed decisions?

Would you like to INCREASE your skills so you can make MORE MONEY?

Would you LOVE to MAKE MONEY providing quality inspections for RV Buyers and Sellers?

Would you enjoy developing your OWN BUSINESS that will provide you with more income and tax advantages?

“It’s a big CONFIDENCE BUILDER. Now I have a better understanding and added a lot to my knowledge and experience. We had a lot of hands on activities which were really very valuable.”
Brian Houser, Course Graduate - Oct 2013
“I had been working toward becoming an RV Tech anyway, so this furthers my knowledge…another feather in my cap if you will. I have some training now that I didn’t have previously and it gives me MORE CREDIBILITY.”
Mike Whitenton, Course Graduate - Oct 2013
“I’ve learned so much and my RV air conditioner runs AWESOME now (after fixing it with the knowledge attained during the hands-on training) and I’m just real exited to get out there and get my hands on my own trailer!”
Denise Shinn, Course Graduate - Oct 2013
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time! Thanks for coming and teaching me!”
Craig Sparlin, Course Graduate - Oct 2013
“This will save me a lot of money because there’s a lot of things that I’m gonna be able to fix now that before I would have had to take in to the shop to have repaired. If you are even thinking about doing your own repairs, you wanna take this course…IT PAYS FOR ITSELF!”
Patrick Shinn, Course Graduate - Oct 2013

Great news!! You are at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!!

The National RV Inspectors Association brings you a LIVE 5-DAY HANDS ON COURSE combined with in-depth classroom instruction that will transform you not only into an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, but provide you with the base knowledge to create your very own RV Inspection business!

This five day intensive will provide you with the RV Knowledge you will need to gain your credentials to begin your own RV Inspection business. Some graduates will go onto to join the ranks of RV Inspectors who are contracting with RV Inspection Connection. This newly formed company is developing a nationwide network of contracted Inspectors who are teaming up with RV Inspection Connection to provide Premium RV Inspection services for the thousands of RV owners and buyers who want these services.

IF YOU LEARN BEST BY HANDS ON TRAINING, this course is a fantastic way to learn the skills you need and to begin your very own RV Inspection business.

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Course Instructors

Terry Cooper
Terry CooperCourse Instructor
Terry Cooper, NRVIA President, is an NRVIA/RVDA/RVIA Master Certified RV Technician and professional trainer.

As a college professor teaching in depth course-work on RVs for many years, Terry Cooper, President of NRVIA, has developed a wonderful teaching style that will ensure you walk away with a great understanding of the inner-workings of RVs, and a boost to your confidence.

He and his wife Evada have been fulltime RVers in their fifth wheel with their dachshund Moe since 2012.

Bob and Sally Nielsen
Bob and Sally NielsenCourse Instructors
Bob and Sally have been NRVIA Certified RV Inspectors and Technical Instructors for NRVIA since 2014 including the 5-day hands-on advanced inspector training, Learn By Doing. Before retiring as a shipping and receiving manager, Bob’s career was in computer software development & support.  Sally has worked in the computer software industry for over 30 years and is currently the Technical Services Manager at an ERP software company.

Bob has hands-on experience repairing RVs and as a Campground Technician. They have been RVing for over 20 years in various types of units and are currently full-time RVers.

RV Inspector Training consists of
Five Days of Hands-On Training Sessions

Understanding the 3 RV Electrical Systems with troubleshooting tips and short cuts.
How the Propane System works and things you might encounter when you are called in to help.
Sewer and Fresh Water – How they work and things that can cause problems.
Air conditioners, water heaters furnaces and refrigerators – how they work and the top 10 most common problems you will encounter with each one.
Dealing with the most common slide out issues, awning problems and roof repairs.

So, by now you’ve realized how valuable this course will be in building your technical knowledge of RVs, but you’re also going to learn how to put that knowledge to use with your own RV Inspection business!

This small business opportunity will provide you the training to get started and then associate with the premier RV Inspection company in the United States – RV Inspection Connection.

Not only will you have five days of hands on training with Terry Cooper, a Master Certified RV Technician, you will have small business training stepping you through the process of developing your small business.

Steve Anderson, Director of NRVIA and President of RV Inspection Connection, will be taking you through the building of your RV Inspection Business, step by step. He will instruct you on the mechanics of developing the mindset required to be a small business person and then how to take the steps to build your business and get started.

During these sessions you will learn about business planning, taking the action steps for success and much more. Not only will you be provided with a proven business model that you can follow and be successful, you will be introduced to other mentors such as Mark Kohler, Attorney/CPA that will teach how to not be afraid of income taxes and the IRS. How you can embrace the tax laws allowing you to keep more of your income while earning more to allow you to build real wealth.

You don’t have to build your small business alone. When you can learn from others, who have come before you and take a proven model and make it your own.

Register today and take your first step in building your future wealth.

Steve Anderson
Steve AndersonRV Inspection Connection President
Steve Anderson, President of RV Inspection Connection, is a serial entrepreneur and loves sharing his stories and ideas on business building with others. Join him for his special Business Building Bonus sessions during the RV Inspector Trianing course and find out more!
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Visit RVTechCourse.com


Your tuition will also include your first years membership in the National RV Inspectors Association – a $499 value!

NRVIA members are setting the standards for RV Inspections in the United States. Armed with a Code of Ethics and Standard Operating Procedures NRVIA members are outshining any competition out there. Here are just a few of benefits you will receive as a member of NRVIA…and remember as a bonus with your course the first years membership fee of $499 is paid for you.

Benefits of being an NRVIA Member…

  • Certification that can only be provided by NRVIA
  • Ethics and Standards and Procedures that are setting the standards for the industry
  • Association with others of like mind and conviction regarding what quality inspections are all about and hold a conviction towards excellence
  • Continuing education resources, including online courses, and training that will keep you current with your trade and cover the annual CEU requirement of 24 units per year
  • Annual Conferences providing you with professional development that will take your mindset and abilities to the next level
  • Resources that the active RV Inspector will need to build and operate their business
  • Access to reasonably price insurance coverage’s needed to handle your risk management
  • Financial education that will take your business live to the next level, ultimately improving your personal wealth

These are just a few of benefits that you will enjoy with your BONUS first year membership to NRVIA. When you finish the five day course, the Skills and Knowledge exam you will take is accepted by NRVIA as one of the two certification exams you will take to become certified. The second exam on the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice will be taken on the NRVIA website online. You will have a study guide to review and utilize during the exam. Once you have completed these two exams you will be certified by NRVIA and receive your NRVIA credentials. These credentials are required to apply to contract with RV Inspection Connection – the Premier RV Inspection Company of America, “Where Inspections are Done Right!”

Current Course Locations


Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Hill Country RV Resort
Location: New Braunfels, Texas
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Mesa Spirit RV Resort
Location: Mesa, Arizona
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Orange Grove RV Park
Location: Bakersfield, California
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Hee Hee Illahee RV Resort
Location: Salem, Oregon
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Prospector’s RV Resort
Location: Canon City, Colorado
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Shipshewana South RV Park
Location: Shipshewana, Indiana
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Tall Pines Campground
Location: Bainbridge, New York
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Artillery Ridge Campground
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
View in Google Maps

Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Heber Springs RV Park
Location: Heber Springs, Arkansas
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Instructor: Terry Cooper
Campground: Brazos RV Park
Location: Caldwell, Texas
View in Google Maps

Get Signed Up Today

It all begins when you sign up for one of the Limited number of seats in the 5 – Day Hands On Course that will provide you with the steps to become an RV Inspector. This course, including all of the Bonuses is just $1,644.00.

*We even have an easy, three payment plan to help those that need to pay it out before they come to class…think of it like LAYWAY for your future business. Just three easy payments of $594.00. All three payments must be made prior to attending the class. If you choose the 3 pay option within the 3 month time frame of the chosen event, you will be contacted by support personnel to submit payments prior to attending the event.

Don’t forget all of your meals, lodging and course tuition for this Hands-On RV Inspector Training Course can be deducted as business startup expenses once you begin your RV Inspection business.

Get Registered Now for this Live Hand-On 5 – DAY COURSE and put yourself in business either as a soul entrepreneur developing your very own RV Inspection business, or join the RV Inspection Connection Contractor team and become part of the Premier RV Inspection Company of America.

We are offering this training in multiple locations all across the US, but have to limit the seats to 20 students per class. Sign-up early to ensure you can get in!

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